Wire EDM


Larger Build Plate Capability

Our GFMS Cut AM500 accommodates build plates of dimensions up to 500mm x 500mm, offering flexibility for various project sizes.


Rapid Cutting Speed

With cutting speeds that can exceed 6mm/min, incorporating technologies such as EDM wire cutting, we ensure timely project completion without sacrificing quality.


Horizontal Cutting Advantage

Our machine performs horizontal cuts, unlike traditional vertical cutting EDM systems. This eliminates the risk of short circuits caused by falling support structures or stray powder particles, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable cutting and excellent cut quality.



The speed and precision of the GFMS Cut AM500 translate to shorter operational times, delivering cost savings to our clients.

Wire EDM

Fast, precise & cost-effective wire EDM services

At Apex, our Precision Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) service is designed to remove LPBF parts from build plates with precision and efficiency.

We employ the state-of-the-art GFMS Cut AM500, tailor-made for this crucial yet delicate operation. This high-performing machine can rapidly and cost-effectively handle build plates up to 500mm x 500mm in dimensions.

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