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Our mission is to democratise advanced manufacturing of metallic components, making it accessible, simple, and sustainable and thereby create an innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing industry that benefits our customers in the UK and worldwide.

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Seamless In-House Manufacturing

Offering end-to-end advanced manufacturing solutions, we ensure rapid production in a strictly regulated and fully traceable environment.


Unrivalled LPBF Expertise

Mastery over laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) hardware and post-process chains allows us to deliver superior-quality parts quickly and cost-effectively, especially for complex geometries that maximize functional performance.


Exceptional Material Options

Gain instant access to hard-to-process materials, such as aerospace-grade Titanium and Inconel alloys, along with a wide range of high-alloy tool steels.


Stringent Quality Assurance

Our rigorous process control and fully traceable workflows meet the highest quality standards, catering specifically to the heavily regulated aerospace and medical sectors.


Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

Leveraging zero-carbon energy sources, our additive manufacturing methods stand as one of the most environmentally friendly, with minimal waste generation.


Proudly UK-Made

We actively support local industries while advancing the global adoption of state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing technologies.

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Manufacturing Expertise


Reduction in Lead Times


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Our unrivalled edge lies in our ability to combine productivity, quality, and control like no other. By developing our own process parameters and utilising the best computational design tools available, we deliver superior results that surpass expectations.

At Apex Additive Technologies, we’re not just raising the bar; we’re setting new industry standards. 

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