Heat Treatment


Hot Zone Capacity

Our furnace has a generous hot zone with a nominal capacity of 30.0L, and dimensions of Ø300mm x 450mm. The maximum build plate size per treatment is 280mm x 280mm x 205mm in height (inclusive of build plate thickness)


Temperature Control

With an operating range from 400°C to 1200°C, controlled cooling rate cycles, and fast gas quenching in argon, you can be assured of precise, high-quality, repeatable treatments.


Ultimate Vacuum

Achieving an ultimate vacuum of 1E-5 mbar and a nominal pump-down time of 15–20 minutes, the Specnow furnace ensures excellent processing conditions particularly for Titanium alloys where preventing oxygen pickup is paramount.


Robust Components

From its graphitic hot zone element and insulation to its Edwards vacuum pumps and all-metal vacuum lines, every aspect of the furnace is engineered for performance and reliability.

Heat Treatment

Best in class heat treatments, for best in class parts

Our state-of-the-art Specnow vacuum heat treatment furnace is designed for high-precision, customisable treatments and is highly suited for advanced heat treatments. With a maximum operating temperature of 1200°C, it is perfect for high-temperature processing, offering both high and low vacuum, and inert gas thermal cycles for partial pressure processing.

Heat treatment is a critical step in advanced manufacturing, which allows our customers to maximise the mechanical performance of their parts. With our Specnow vacuum furnace, Apex offers you the level of control, customisation, and quality assurance you won’t find elsewhere.

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