Turbocharging Automotive Sector with short lead time, Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Our LPBF process allows us to produce complex geometries that traditional manufacturing methods cannot achieve, offering unparalleled thermal and fluid management in critical automotive applications. The result is lightweight, high-strength, superior components that meet the industry’s most rigorous standards while enhancing vehicle performance, efficiency, and safety.

Choose Apex to navigate the road ahead with cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions in automotive additive manufacturing.


Revving Up Automotive Innovation with Apex's Custom LPBF Solutions

Whether you’re developing a next-gen sports car or a mass-produced road vehicle, Apex’s additive manufacturing capabilities are integral at every stage—from prototyping to development and serial production. Our engineering team collaborates with your design experts to maximise the benefits of automotive additive manufacturing.

Leveraging our own specialised LPBF process parameters, we are uniquely positioned to tackle the most challenging geometries, offering unmatched design freedom and optimisation at the best value.

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  • Titanium Alloys: Ti6Al4V Gr 23 ELI 

    The Ti6Al4V GR23 ELI alloy is a high-purity titanium alloy distinguished by its low levels of interstitial impurities like oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for automotive and aerospace applications requiring lightweight structures. Enhanced ductility and fracture toughness, as well as strong corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, expand its use to surgical and dental applications. 

  • Nickel Super Alloys: IN625 

    The IN625 alloy is primarily composed of nickel, enriched with up to 23% chromium and 10% molybdenum, among other subsidiary elements. A key feature of this alloy is the inclusion of niobium, which synergistically interacts with molybdenum to confer both high strength and toughness in its annealed state. IN625 finds extensive utility across diverse industrial applications, excelling particularly in environments like seawater where robust corrosion resistance is imperative. IN625 also has a resistance to high-temperatures  shares similarities with IN718, an alloy valued for its exceptional tensile, creep, and rupture strength properties.

  • Aluminium Alloys: AlSi10Mg 

    AlSi10Mg is composed of aluminium, enriched with up to 10% silicon, along with traces of magnesium, iron, and other minor elements. Silicon contributes to the alloy’s enhanced hardness and strength through the formation of Mg2Si precipitates. 

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