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Achievements and milestones

  • 04/21


    Founded as a consultancy in Bristol, Apex began with a home office and an in-garage metallography lab for LPBF development.

    First stage of Apex with Metallography Lab Machines
  • 02/22

    New Horizons

    Acquired the keys to our state-of-the-art facility in Ebbw Vale, marking a pivotal step in our growth trajectory.

    Youssef With Keys to Apex Facility
  • 03/22

    Infrastructure Development

    We began planning and fit-out for our LPBF and post-processing machinery, bringing our vision closer to fruition.

    Planning out Apex shop floor
  • 04/22

    Machine Installation

    Successfully installed our first single laser Renishaw AM 400 system, laying the foundation for in-house production.

    Arrival of Renishaw Machine
  • 06/22

    Equipment Expansion

    Commissioned a multi-laser Renishaw 500Q Flex and a single laser AM250, bolstering our production capabilities.

  • 08/22

    Production Milestone

    Completed our first M300 production order, validating our operational excellence.

    Production of Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • 09/22

    Team Growth

    Welcomed our first team member, adding vital human resources to our mission.

    First Team Member
  • 10/22

    Future Team Visit

    A highly anticipated and overdue first visit from potential future Apex team members (hopefully) who thoroughly enjoyed watching multiple lasers working in harmony.

    Youssef and his children on the Apex shop floor
  • 11/22

    Capacity Boost

    Placed an order for two Renishaw 500Q multi-laser systems to enhance our Titanium and Tool Steel output.

  • 11/22

    MANIFEST Collaboration

    Partnered with Domin, on the IUK MANIFEST project, focusing on the development of advanced adaptive process parameters.

  • 01/23

    Customer Success

    Completed our first customer full-height build, demonstrating our ability to meet client expectations.

  • 02/23

    Significant Investment

    Secured a £2M investment from Cardiff Capital Region, fortifying our financial standing.

  • 04/23

    Team Expansion

    Doubled our workforce, scaling our capabilities, experience and market reach.



In February 2023, Apex Additive Technologies secured a significant strategic investment from Cardiff Capital Region (CCR), aiming to establish a cutting-edge digital manufacturing centre in South East Wales. Recognised by CCR as a transformative force in Welsh manufacturing, this partnership amplifies our capacity for sustainable, cost-efficient, and innovative solutions. The alliance aligns with CCR’s long-term regional economic development goals and promises to cultivate a skilled local workforce in advanced manufacturing. We are confident that this collaboration will have a lasting positive impact on both Apex and the South East Wales community.


Elevating Industry Standards Through Strategic Partnerships

At Apex Additive Technologies, we believe that strong partnerships across the supply chain are crucial for driving innovation and operational excellence.

By building meaningful relationships with equipment and software OEMs, customers, suppliers, and raw material vendors, we enhance our capabilities and set new industry standards for quality and efficiency. This commitment to collaboration allows us to offer exceptional end-to-end services that adhere to top sustainability and performance benchmarks as we develop advanced manufacturing solutions for today’s needs and future opportunities.


Empowering Welsh Manufacturing for Global Sustainability

Apex is dedicated to revitalising Welsh manufacturing through state-of-the-art technologies. As a proud member of Manufacturing Wales, we are part of an ecosystem striving for global competitiveness. Our expertise in advanced manufacturing drives local industry growth and minimises its environmental impact. We go beyond providing services; we serve as a catalyst for sustainable, world-class manufacturing in Wales.

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